Welcome to CT-REI

Who we are

CT-REI is a partnership of real estate investors with with proven success in finding off market properties, determining seller needs, devising innovative solutions to fit those needs, assisting sellers in transition, and working with realtor partners to assist with any property listing needs.

What we do

We specialize in the aquisition of properties which facilitate multiple exit strategies including renovations, fix-and-flip, new construction, rentals, buy and holds, subject-to, and more. At CT-REI, we utilize our vast network of resources to revitilze properties and communities. Our network of over a thousand local investors and contractors gives us the ability to successfully perform on any deal with speed and efficiency. We buy properties old or new, in great shape, bad shape, or any shape. We purchase in cash and close quickly targeting a due diligence period of 45 days.


We try to match our new builds and renovations to the neighborhood you live in as closely as possible. Community matters and we love to preserve and enhance what's already there, not change it into something your neighbors wouldn't recognize or welcome.


Looking to sell quickly? Ever thought about selling? Wondering what your property might be worth? Call us at 877.339.7627 for a free property evaluation or visit our Seller Questionnaire page and we'll get back to you personally within 48 hours.

We offer competitive rates based on comprehenseive market analysis. Our construction crews are quick, clean, courteous and efficient, allowing us to create the highest offers for your property.


Drop & Roll is the marketing division of our company which provides grass-roots marketing for investors. We canvass door-to-door with flyers that have gotten tremendous responses rates and allow us to easily integrate with our clients' target communities and build lasting relationships with homeowners.

Software Solutions

CT-REI also has state-of-the-art software under development, dedicated to finding and matching properties with investors who are looking to renovate, build new or buy and hold for rental or appreciation.