Call Center

Tired of taking calls? How about those angry calls from sellers asking you not to solicit them anymore or send them any more of your marketing materials?

We can take those calls for you. We are skilled in dealing with even the most difficult sellers and have even turned quite a few of those into interested leads. It takes a thick skin to be told no over and over again, but we've developed that so you don't have to deal with it.

We offer a full-service call center where operators (specially trained in real estate acquisitions) are standing by to take those all-important homeowner calls coming in from your flyer marketing.

For those homeowners genuinely interested in selling, appointments are set quickly for us to come out and view the property and find out what has them motivated to sell and just how motivated they are. We take pictures, collect any relevant repair warranty or disclosure documents and lend a friendly smile, firm handshake and build connection and rapport.

We love what we do and it shines through in our interaction with the potential seller. We put them at ease and create an atmosphere conducive to finding out exactly what their needs are and how we can best serve them.