We package deals for you and give you the keys to closing on the properties you want that will keep your REI business on track - no fuss, no worries!

For the leads that work for your exit strategy or strategies, if we've taken the calls coming in from our marketing, we will discount our wholesale fee to you at 50%. In other words, if we take the call, visit the seller, walk the property, take photos, do the negotiation and get the property under contract, you only pay half of the wholesale fee we would normally charge. It's our way of saying, thank you for being our marketing customer.

For the leads that don't match your exit or just aren't of interest to you for whatever reason, they're not wasted. Once you release the lead to us, we will go to work getting the property assigned to another investor. Then, at closing, we cut a check back to you for 25% of our wholesale fee since you paid for the marketing. It's a great way to potentially earn back your marketing budget and usually only takes one or two deals to do it.